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An ingenuity with a clean, slick look.

W/ME Wristband

Our Notes

The futuristic design of the W/Me wristband is a Life Spectrum Analyzer, it detects your body’s harmonic frequency, measuring an assortment of data. Including heart rate and your stress level.

The W/ME (Short for With Me) is able to learn the dynamic shift in the wearer’s autonomic nervous system and calculate how the wearer’s sympathetic and parasympathetic system is doing (That’s the part of your body that controls the involuntary responses and also your fight or flight reflexes). A very promising product for the quantitative self era.



  • Measures more insightful data than most smartwatches using “Life Spectrum Analyzer”

  • Accompany App provides “Coaching from a whale” to improve your breathing for better health

  • Able to measure the wearer’s Mental State between passive, excitable, pessimistic, anxious, or balanced.

  • Able to measure the wearer’s Agility Score, which indicates how capable their body is to adjust to the changes in your environment.


  • Currently there is only one size available at 6~7 in (15.5~17 cm)

  • Unclear on whether it is waterproof

  • The design may not be for everyone

  • Limited reviews at this time

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About Author


  •  Price from
  •  Availability
  •  Splash Resistance
  •  Shows Time
  •  URL
  •  Music Control
  •  Customisable Watch Face
  •  Crowd Funded
    Yes, Kickstarter
  •  Colors / Style

    5 Colours (Grey, Orange, Aqua, Purple, Lime Green)

Smart Phone Support

  • iOS Android Windows


  • Caller ID SMS E-mail Calendar Alarm Facebook Twitter

Health and Fitness

  •  Sport Focused
  •  Accelerometer
  •  Heart Rate Monitor
  •  Skin Temperature Monitor
  •  Food / Caloric intake Tracker
  •  Sleep Tracker

Technical Spec

  •  Battery Life up to
    7 days
  •  Connectivity
    Bluetooth 4.0
  •  Display Type
    Dotted LED
  •  Open SDK for third part developers
  •  Onboard Apps

Last updated11/16/2013

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